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Fluid Handling & Filtration

At Des-Case, we understand the importance of fluid cleanliness and the role it plays in reliability optimization. That’s why we’ve spent more than 20 years pioneering solutions specific to your industry applications that help maintain lubricant quality and maximize equipment reliability. A FlowGuard™ offline filtration system, depth filtration system, vacuum dehydrator or water separator from Des-Case Corporation is the first step in achieving top quality lubrication standards. Completely customizable, these made-to-order systems allow you to best address the needs of your specific applications.

Call (615) 672-8800 to speak with Des-Case technical support for assistance in choosing the right filtration system and filter media for your unique applications.

Portable Filtration

Dedicated Filtration

Water Removal

Lubricant Storage and Filtration

Filter Elements

Adapter Kits

Custom Filtration

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