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Vacuum Dehydration

Vacuum Dehydration

Ideal for wet environments and large and constant water ingression.
Vacuum Dehydrator

VAC Series - Vacuum dehydration for industrial oils.
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HiVAC Series - Vacuum dehydration for transformer oils.
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Typical Industries Served:

  • Power generation/distribution
  • Mining
  • Paper manufacturing
  • Food manufacturing
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Municipal water treatment plants
  • Auto manufacturing
  • Steel rolling mills
  • General industry

Typical Applications:

  • Purifying turbine lube oil systems
  • Filtering hydraulic systems
  • Cleaning transformer oil
  • Filtering gear boxes
  • Almost any industrial equipment containing oil

When to choose a Vacuum Dehydrator:

  • If water ingress accounts for more than filter media can absorb
  • For Applications with Constant Ingression of Water
  • To remove dissolved water
  • For preventative measures in industries with water is used in production (i.e. Pulp & Paper)
  • For water removal in Group II base stock turbine oils, only water absorbing media filtration or vacuum dehydrators have been found effective